Untame the Wild Soul: Spirituality | Womanhood | Sex | Money | Relationships | Success (audio)

*Available in both audio and video in iTunes to satisfy your viewing/listening preference.* Untaming ourselves as women in the 21st century is about questioning our programming and conditioning and reconnecting to our TRUE nature. Do we want certain things because we think we're supposed to or a person or institution (government, religion, school, etc) taught us that's "how things work". Once we can identify the belief systems we operate under and determine whether or not we actually want to live this way - we have CHOICE. This podcast introduces you to powerful and inspiring men and women who have already done this and are living meaningful lives on their own terms. We also help you navigate some of the most important processes to understanding yourself like how to listen to your body, set boundaries, have courageous conversations with love, and more. This is about moving, nourishing and loving all your bodies - physical, spirit, mind, emotional and soul.
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Untame the Wild Soul: Spirituality | Womanhood | Sex | Money | Relationships | Success (audio)


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Apr 3, 2017

This interview with Connor Beaton is a long time coming and I'm excited to share it with you today, wild ones. Connor is the co-founder of Man Talks, and organization that helps build better men. In today's interview, we got into all things MAN: man skills, what brings the "man" out in men, how men experience intuition and instincts, and more. Of course we also discussed how men and women's behaviors and experiences not only impact, but shape each other, too. Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!

About Connor Beaton:

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, an international organization focused on mens health, wellness, success and fulfillment. Connor is also an international speaker, podcast host and lifestyle entrepreneur. Before founding ManTalks, Connor worked with Apple leading high performance sales and operations teams. Since founding ManTalks, Connor has spoken on stage at TEDx, with Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerchuk, Danielle LaPorte, taken ManTalks to over a dozen cities internationally and has been featured on platforms like Forbes, Huffington Post, HeForShe, The Good Men Project, UN Women, CBC and the National Post.

In this episode, Connor shares:

1. The male experience of and relationship to confidence and respect for both themselves and others
2. Instinct vs intuition
3. How nature helps us ALL connect to ourselves and is a brilliant training ground for life