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Ranked in the top .5% of podcasts worldwide, the Embodied Podcast has been a trusted resource for nuanced, grounded, and inclusive wisdom for collective healing, joy, and liberation since 2015. Tap into your true purpose and power with Host Elizabeth DiAlto as she brings you the realness, always, with curiosity, humor, and her signature blend of fierce and mystical love. @elizabethdialto //
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May 29, 2023

Something I’ve been diligent about as I approach 40 is taking stock of where I give people way too much access to me. One of the main places I see it happening is on social media. I’ve also been reflecting on how distractions have impacted my life, especially through the lens of my neurodivergence. 

These two inquiries, coupled with conversations I’m having with people in my community and books I’ve been reading about ADHD, attention, and focus have led me to an experiment: I’m logging out of Instagram and Facebook for the summer, with big curiosity around whether this should eventually be a forever thing. Join me on this episode as I expand on what factored into this decision and what I’ve been noticing as I start to taper off from those platforms. 

In episode 426 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(0:41) Announcements and updates about the show 

(3:20) My journey with being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult 

(7:30) The details of my social media experiment 

(10:34) Why I’m a huge advocate for letting yourself feel the full range of human emotions

(16:00) The consequences of endless and unmitigated commentary on social media 

(20:14) Noticing how unintentional multitasking affects my energy and focus 

(25:22) My plans for the free Wild Soul Community on Mighty Networks 

(28:17) Reflecting on how I allow people to consume the content that I put out there 

(32:33) What I’ve been noticing about my life as I cut back the content overload 


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May 22, 2023

While we can all always aim to be kind, loving, compassionate, really conscious and courageous communicators, sometimes our less evolved parts do come out. I recently made some relationship decisions, and they brought up a lot for me around emotional maturity and intelligence. In this episode, I’m unpacking the nuanced considerations and analysis that I’ve been going through around engaging with people and building intimacy and connection.

As always, I share my stories not because I believe my experience is universal and I handle everything perfectly, but because I know some of you will relate to parts, if not all, of these experiences and I hope that they are useful in your own reflection and development, too. 

In episode 425 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:04) What the Wild Soul Sacred Body Membership is and who it’s for 

(4:23) A decision I made last week that used up all of my bandwidth for emotional intelligence and maturity

(6:17) Learning the lesson of being careful about who you confide in 

(8:30) My thoughts on unsolicited advice 

(12:29) The distinction between being evolved and mature 

(14:42) Feeling cathartic after speaking honestly with certain people in my life 

(18:22) Why I don’t necessarily agree with the concept of ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ 


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May 15, 2023

Today we’ve got Asha Ramakrishna and Aycee Brown, co-authors of Your Soul Map: Liberation, Human Design, and the BIPOC Experience on the show chatting about Human Design and how this framework shows up for BIPOC folks. 


In our conversation, Asha and Aycee get into how spiritual tools can help us gain a better understanding of human behavior instead of being used as a crutch to bypass responsibility. They highlight how Human Design is a story that we get to evolve and make peace with, while also recognizing the different experiences that Black and Brown people have when they engage in this modality. Asha and Aycee also elaborate on the parts that make up Human Design, including astrology, quantum mechanics, Hindu yogic philosophy, Chinese I Ching teachings, and Judaic Kabbalah. 


In episode 424 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(2:38) What you can expect from the Wild Soul Sacred Body membership

(6:21) Seasonal shifts that we’re going through right now

(10:54) Asha and Aycee’s favorite parts of Your Soul Map

(17:44) How Human Design informs Asha and Aycee’s relationships with themselves and others 

(27:40) Human Design as a tool to navigate the world, particularly for the BIPOC community 

(34:48) How Asha and Aycee define the Human Design gates 

(42:49) Recognizing why you slow down or speed up 

(50:26) How Aycee and Asha like to learn and teach about Human Design 

(55:10) Using Human Design in the workplace


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May 8, 2023

Now that I’ve wrapped up my Sacred Slut Experiment, I want to fill you in on some details and unpack my experience of intentional non-monogamy. In this episode, I look back on how dating in my 20s and 30s has changed and what I want to take with me (and leave behind) during this next chapter of my life. 

Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that a partnership would be a nice-to-have if it’s going to add extraordinary value to my life, but otherwise, I’m gonna keep it moving. Join me as I reflect on the past nine months of this experiment and look ahead to what’s next. 


In episode 423 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(2:22) Monogamous dating in my 20s and early 30s 

(8:15) Why love isn’t enough to keep a relationship going 

(12:34) What inspired me to try out intentional polyamory 

(16:50) The challenges with dating culture in Miami 

(21:08) Getting my relational needs met in friendships 

(23:18) Re-channeling my energy and focus into creative projects


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May 1, 2023

This week I’m joined by Shereen Sun, an artist, author, and acclaimed mentor who specializes in creativity and self-actualization. In our conversation, Shereen describes how creativity can be used as a powerful tool for healing and stepping into your innate power. 

We discuss ways to make time for art – whether it’s painting, drawing, singing, dancing, or whatever else helps you express yourself – and the ripple effect that those outlets have on how you show up in the world. Plus, Shereen gives us a peek inside their recently released book, Radiant Wildheart, and shares what they hope readers will take away from it. 

In episode 422 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(6:53) Shereen’s journey to feeling comfortable identifying as an artist 

(10:47) How to break through the fear of being seen in your creative expression

(17:17) Healing your experience of failure through a creative practice 

(22:18) Art as a form of self-empowerment 

(32:45) Shereen’s response to people who say they don’t have time for a creative practice 

(37:22) Where the name ‘Radiant Wildheart’ comes from 


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Apr 3, 2023

I've been teaching people healthy and do-able ways to let things go for almost 10 years now. I say healthy and do-able because a lot of approaches are just too intense. As much as we might want to snap our fingers and let go of habits, behaviors, relationships, or things that happened in the past, the process of release is usually ongoing. 

So many of us get wrapped up in the all-or-nothing mindset, but what if there was a way to evaluate what’s actually possible to let go of so that it doesn’t take up as much space in our lives? In this episode, I highlight how to determine when it’s time to move on completely, take a pause, or simply deprioritize things. 

I hope the examples that I share illustrate ways that you can let go with more ease and compassion for whatever you have going on in your life. 


In episode 421 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(2:55) Why I created the REAL Uplevel Interview Series 

(5:15) The deeper nuances and complexities of letting go 

(9:37) How I let people in my life know when our connection feels energetically complete for me 

(11:30) Why endings don’t always have to be bitter or hurtful 

(13:16) Letting go for a time without certainty if you’ll be back 

(16:34) Practicing healthy and intentional decompartmentalization 

(18:34) Honoring the the seasonal and cyclical nature of life 


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Mar 27, 2023

There’s a lot of fresh, new beginning energy swirling around as we step into the spring equinox. Coming out of this cocoon season has opened me up to receive intentions from my ancestors and divine support squad, and I’ve been really sitting with the messages they’ve been sending me lately. 

The first is one is around the multiplicity of connection, intimacy, and creativity. Where can I find more joy in the rewards of being who I truly am, especially when there’s a hefty tax to living an alternative lifestyle? I’ve been thinking a lot about community, demonstrating ethics of care, and both knowing what’s enough and being okay with it rather than always striving for more. 

The other intention that I’ve been playing around with is inviting next-level/renewed power and strength in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I’m experimenting with how I can set my life up to be as enjoyable and pain-free as possible, which requires me to reintegrate movement and nutrition in a new way. 

I hope these intentions can illuminate something relevant, important, or relatable for you, too!


In episode 420 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:39) Reflecting on the spring equinox and Pisces season  

(6:26) One of the biggest takeaways that I got out of the Real Uplevel series 

(8:53) Discovering your contribution and doing what’s yours to do 

(14:29) Receiving the intention for multiplicity of connection, intimacy, and creativity

(18:41) Taking an honest audit of my habits of consumption and accumulation

(21:37) Next level/renewed power and strength (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) 

(25:02) Insights from a recent cleanse that I did 

(30:42) Recognizing that alignment requires effort 

(35:26) Connecting to the real power of your soul 


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Mar 20, 2023

Grief and sadness are important emotions to be honest about, pay attention to, and process as they come up. Today I’m sharing some things that make me sad and that I tend to be grieving on a pretty regular basis. As a person who embodies a lot of joy, passion, fire, and humor, I don't know if people realize that I grieve all the time. And I bet some of you can relate to this ー much of what makes me sad or has me grieve comes from systemic oppression and the myriad of delusions humans live under that cause us to do harm to ourselves and each other. 

In this episode, I share two recent experiences that reminded me of how these systems can show up in our daily lives, sometimes in really sneaky ways that are hard to detect. When we start to peel back all the layers that we've acquired since coming into these bodies, we can remember that we are so much more than our parts.  


In episode 419 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:21) Grieving over the systemic oppression that causes us to do harm to ourselves and each other

(2:46) How I reframe emotions like sadness, grief, and anger

(4:48) Recognizing why so many of us struggle with self-love and self-respect 

(9:30) My eye-opening experience at a breast reduction consultation 

(13:55) Honoring the unlearning, unpacking, and deconstructing of liberation work 

(15:30) The truth about everyone’s purpose 

(18:11) Why you can’t rush the healing timeline 


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Mar 13, 2023

When you proclaim something and put some intention on it, life tends to put it in your path to ask you if you’re really sure. In this episode, I unpack a couple of things related to healing and my words for this year that have been coming up for me lately. 

Join me as I explore popular online messaging around nervous system regulation and finding what resonates with my wild soul. I also touch on the divine timing of some scrubby and bothering behavior that I’ve been inundated with and what that means for my words of the year. 

In episode 418 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:22) What The REAL Uplevel Interview Series is all about 

(3:19) Healing in the age of social media  

(6:05) Why it’s unrealistic to strive for a perfectly regulated nervous system all the time 

(8:51) Cultivating a flexible, resilient, and adaptable nervous system

(12:35) The two reasons why I’m releasing the word ‘unbothered’ as one of my words for the year

(17:27) What I’m realizing about my boundary with #NoScrubs 


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Feb 27, 2023

In the Wild Soul Sacred Body Membership, I host monthly community Q&A calls to go deeper on themes of self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. To give you an idea of what it’s like to be on those calls, I asked for questions on Instagram and pulled out the top three submissions: 

  1. How can I navigate injury, illness, chronic pain, or the changes in my body as I age?

  2. How can I heal from my anxious attachment style?

  3. How can I start feeling my feelings when I’ve avoided doing so for a long time? 

As I work through these topics, I Iook back on a range of personal and professional experiences and offer up resources that my clients and students find to be useful. I also share what you can expect from the membership, including access to workshops and meditations that explore each of these questions in a richer, more nuanced way.   

In episode 417 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(5:06) My life as a relatively able-bodied person who has dealt with invisible injuries 

(6:51) Why inclusivity around the topic of bodies and illnesses is so important to me

(10:31) Discovering invitations for deeper liberation, embodiment, acceptance, and self love 

(13:23) Approaching your body from a place of acceptance instead of resistance 

(20:05) What has helped me get to the root of my anxious responses or reactions

(24:00) Being unavailable for avoidant behavior and setting boundaries around that 

(28:20) Practices that can help get you out of your head and into your body 

(33:02) Different embodiment and movement classes we offer for Wild Soul Sacred Body members 


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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • Whether it's injury, illness, body pain, weight gain, weight loss, or various conditions and disorders, I look at all of it as invitations for deeper liberation, embodiment, acceptance, respect, and love for the self.

  • Acceptance is not approval. You can accept something and have immense compassion for it, and also want to change it.

  • As you get in your senses you can notice patterns.

  • Doing practices that don’t require you to mentally process feelings and emotions helps to resensitize you. 

  • Terri Cole has these three questions, which are: Who does this remind me of? When have I felt this way before? And why does this feel familiar? Those three questions get to the root of what's going on. 

  • I didn't deny myself a friggin’ thing because I gained weight. There are a lot of people who withhold and deny themselves things and experiences because they don't feel comfortable or confident in how they look. I refuse to do that.


Feb 20, 2023

I’ve been engaging in conversations around liberation in business for the REAL Uplevel Interview Series, and it’s been illuminating the consistent incongruences in the coaching, wellness, and healing industries. 

There are very real consequences when people with any kind of authority in these spaces view vast and global topics through their own micro-experiences. In this episode, I break down what some of those outcomes are, including upholding systems of supremacy and oppression and engaging in manipulative sales tactics.

Join me as I break down my creation process for this series and share what topics we’ll be exploring with my guest speakers. 


In episode 416 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:33) Updates about the REAL Uplevel Interview Series: who you’ll hear from and what we discuss 

(7:29) How I plan to create the container and the agreements for this series  

(9:13) Concepts and quotes that really stood out for me from Alok Vaid-Menon's episode on The Man Enough Podcast 

(14:08) A big area that I'm learning more about right now

(19:19) Alok’s deeper perspective on self-love

(23:45) Overlapping themes I’ve noticed in my interviews for the series 

(26:32) My experience of the ‘integrity effect’ as a coach 

(30:57) What inspired me to finally create this series

(35:15) Practicing humility 

(38:54) One of the most expansive parts of the series so far 


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Feb 13, 2023

Since recording episode 399 where I introduced my ‘Sacred Slut Summer’ experiment, I’ve discovered that I'm loving the intimacy, connection, and companionship that's available in the solo polyamorous lifestyle. 


From my early 20s to early 30s, I was essentially a serial monogamist. After taking about a year and a half to deeply reconnect with myself and heal after my last long-term partnership, I realized that I love dating, but not necessarily with the intention of merging my life with someone else’s.


In this episode, I describe how nourishing it’s been to create what I call a “constellation of companions” and highlight what I’m currently navigating. Whether you're interested in this lifestyle or not, I hope you hear something that resonates or sparks curiosity about where you can invite more joy into your life. 


In episode 415 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:55) Recapping my ‘Sacred Slut Summer’ experiment

(4:30) Getting back into dating in 2018 

(7:51) Defense mechanisms that I’m noticing on social media and IRL 

(16:13) Realizing what I actually enjoy about relationships: sex, affection, intimacy, companionship, being able to do fun things, and also having different energy in my life 

(23:13) What no one tells women in their 30s and 40s about pleasure and intimacy 

(24:54) What I'm loving about this lifestyle 

(29:26) The biggest thing that I'm still navigating

(33:23) Staying open and available for what’s out there 

(35:04) A humbling epiphany I had recently 

(37:34) What you can expect from our upcoming workshop 


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Feb 6, 2023

Continuing with the theme of liberatory practices, one of the most potent places to free yourself is within your relationships. When it comes to the people in your personal, familial, romantic, and professional circles, it’s important to check in with how they’re either nourishing or depleting you. 

In this episode, I’m sharing how I’ve determined which relationships are worth it for me and which ones aren't at the moment. I also touch on strategies that have been helpful for maintaining and/or deepening the connections I want to keep in my life, and explore some thoughts on letting go of ones that no longer serve me. 


In episode 414 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(1:58) Details about my upcoming workshop, The Relationship Inventory 

(4:16) Unpacking some internet rhetoric around ghosting

(8:19) My practice for sending love to someone when I feel like I’m spending a lot of emotional energy on them

(11:46) How accepting people for who they are has softened my heart and my hard edges

(13:55) Dealing with situations where you just don't like or vibe with someone that other people that you like and respect do

(16:15) Getting clear on your negotiables and non-negotiables in a relationship 

(17:50) The groups of people that I’m no longer giving time and energy to the way that I used to, and why 

(26:24) Examples of friendships that I’ve learned to step away from 

(32:48) My experience with deepening family connections and upholding boundaries 

(34:59) Knowing and honoring the scope of my professional practice

(38:18) Discovering what you need out of your romantic relationships


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Jan 30, 2023

As someone who used to bottle up all of their fiery feelings and struggle with emotional intelligence, I’ve experienced first-hand how verbally processing things is an extremely liberatory practice. It helps to create better, more satisfying experiences and prevents us from having to deal with things that are actually avoidable. 


In this episode, I share a few stories to illuminate how, why, and where it's important to use your words to free yourself. I look at examples across a range of contexts, including dating, business, family, and community. 


In episode 413 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(2:24) A few housekeeping items and ways to get involved with classes, workshops, and trainings 

(4:04) My communication background from a Human Design and astrology perspective 

(8:28) First things first: be honest with yourself when something is bothering you, and/or you desire collaboration 

(9:57) How I vet potential lovers and the thought-process behind each question 

(14:18) Why it’s so important to establish community agreements and guidelines in all of your spaces

(19:46) What I’m going to be exploring in my upcoming business interview series

(24:57) Why I believe the main reason for bad sex is actually bad communication 

(28:19) If you have your own examples or want to join the conversation, reach out in via DM or email


Slide into my DMs on Instagram: @elizabethdialto


Resources mentioned in the episode:


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Jan 23, 2023

One of the most liberating elements of my life has been working through the fears that have been conditioned into me about needing to look a certain way in order to be desired, loved, and worthy. Gaining weight and embracing the tremendous amount of wisdom in my body has transformed every aspect of my life.  

In this episode, I invite you to approach your body like it's the complex and miraculous thing it is. I unpack some of my thoughts on common body neutrality messaging, skewed beauty standards, and what I’ve learned on this journey to becoming my most joyful, voluptuous self.  


In episode 412 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss: 

(2:41) Recapping what liberatory practices are and how we can use them to create a more expansive year (and life) 

(5:19) Body positivity and body neutrality phrases that I deeply disagree with 

(10:19) Examining the programming that makes you resent your body, or resist closeness with it, or judge other people's bodies 

(12:43) Why we need to stop looking at exceptions and treating them like norms or ideals 

(14:52) My stance on cosmetic surgery 

(17:01) A look into my nearly decade-long experience gaining weight and dismantling my beliefs about my body  

(20:28) Getting back into dating and realizing that we're all somebody's ideal 


Slide into my DMs on Instagram: @elizabethdialto 


Resources mentioned in the episode: 

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Jan 16, 2023

To welcome in the new year, I’m covering some liberatory practices that you can incorporate into your routine life for a more expansive year. There are three words and a phrase that I’m using to guide my intentions and decisions in 2023 - unapologetic, unbothered, soft, and #ScrubFree. In this episode, I unpack what all of that means to me and how I plan on channeling that energy in all areas of my life. 


As always, you’re invited to take what resonates for you and ditch anything that doesn’t!


In episode 411 of the Embodied Podcast, we discuss:

(2:00) The interconnected nature of expansion and acceptance 

(3:47) How do we know if the work that we're doing on ourselves is really contributing to collective healing and liberation?

(6:58) Why I love the saying, “May this be for the benefit of all beings”

(12:58) Tapping into the expanded expression and embodiment of being unapologetic 

(13:36) The different layers of unbothered and how it differs from triggerable 

(16:58) Recognizing where I want to soften my edges and let go of things that aren’t mine to hold

(21:36) Applying a #ScrubFree policy to every area of my life 

(24:32) Developing genuine self-awareness, especially around how you label yourself

(27:28) What to expect from the next couple of episodes 


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Dec 5, 2022

To close out this season of the Embodied Podcast, I’m coming to you solo and exploring the power of feeling and dealing with your emotions. I like to think of it as going out on an emotional LIM: literacy, intelligence, and maturity. It’s so important to go back to the fundamentals and dig into what processing your feelings actually means. 

If you’re engaged with life in a growth-oriented way, this work is invaluable and timeless. Regardless of how enlightened or energetically-aligned you are, life has a way of throwing new challenges and tests at you everyday. 

Join us back here on January 16th for a new season where we’ll be diving into more healing, joy, and liberation. 

In episode 410 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [3:39] The difference between feeling and dealing.  
  • [8:49] Practicing emotional literacy, intelligence, and maturity.  
  • [12:35] Tuning into how your signals and triggers change over time, especially as you engage in more healing work. 
  • [18:02] Why I think the feeling and dealing work is beneficial for everyone. 
  • [23:50] Quieting the inner critic to make space for more compassion and understanding. 
  • [27:13] Feeling this undercurrent of fatigue and the need for rest during this season. 


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Nov 21, 2022

In this episode, I sit down with Elisha Halpin, spiritual mentor and embodiment coach, to discuss consistency, playfulness as an adult, and nervous system healing. Elisa illustrates the beauty of a deep regulation journey and exploiting your relationship with curiosity, consistency, and choice. She also shares her interpretation of the initiation with the dark goddess and what it means to be in full flow with yourself. 


Elisa adds so many rich layers to the ongoing embodiment and expansion discussion that we're always having, so don’t miss this conversation! 


In episode 408 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [2:44] The joy of slowing down, especially as a person who loves change and transition.   
  • [11:15] What it looks like to practice consistency in a way that honors who you are. 
  • [15:27] Learning how to incorporate more playfulness into your adult life.  
  • [20:48] The difference between the cooperative and adaptive aspects of your true personality.  
  • [24:46] Noticing when you’re in and out of alignment with your soul. 
  • [31:39] How to get into an equal exchange with others.  
  • [36:28] Why your own personal healing is essential if you want to make an impact in the world.
  • [41:47] Breaking free from somatic oppression and giving too much power to a modality.  
  • [46:21] What’s necessary for nervous system expansion and healing. 
  • [48:31] Having a healthy respect for the dark, chaotic life force. 


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Nov 14, 2022

Today I’m joined by Josie Pickens, organizer, educator, journalist, and culture critic, to discuss how to be a better lover to yourself, others, and explore intimacy in a more expansive way. Josie unpacks the message behind her essay “Party of One” that was featured in Sex and the Single Woman, and she describes her journey to being in a primary relationship with herself. 

We also dive into the juicy healing work that Josie has been doing and the ripple effect that it’s had on her life. We touch on our experiences with non-monogamy and polyamory, and celebrate how younger generations are reimagining what’s possible when it comes to love, dating, and relationships.  

Don’t miss this conversation with Josie where we dig into how to be more loving people in a world that tries so hard to get us to not be. 

In episode 407 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [3:18] The healing work Josie’s currently engaging in
  • [11:03] How to allow yourself to live your liberation and be nourished, even within the systems that we live in 
  • [15:45] Why feeling ‘enough’ is one of the most abundant feelings in the world 
  • [20:38] What distinguishes hoping from wishing
  • [23:50] The connection between curiosity, surprise, and satisfaction 
  • [28:57] Limitations on how boys and girls are socialized relationally 
  • [38:36] The themes and takeaways from “Party of One”
  • [44:24] What it looks like to be in a primary relationship to yourself 
  • [51:37] Why does the goal of any relationship need to be lifelong companionship or marriage?
  • [54:16] Advice for people who have a hard time making decisions from a place of self love or self preservation 


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Resources mentioned by Elizabeth in the episode:

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Nov 7, 2022

This week, I invited Charlotte Ruth Wilson, a multi-passionate creative and embodiment coach, for a deep and thought-provoking conversation on the distinction between the business of coaching vs. the skills of coaching, the polarity dynamics of feminine and masculine energies, and the role vulnerability & creativity play in our relationships and businesses. 

We dive into abusive relationships, whether we label ourselves feminists or not, and a conversation around vulnerability (and its effect on your mental and emotional health). 

Ready to drop into your full expression and feel inspired? You don’t want to miss this powerful conversation with Charlotte!

In episode 406 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [8:30] Charlotte’s thoughts on being a Reflective Practitioner and how we can teach ourselves by reflecting
  • [10:15] The powerful ways she is creating space for self-expression on social media
  • [12:52] The business of coaching vs. the skills of coaching - and how to make this distinction!
  • [16:49] Charlotte’s story of being in an abusive relationship and being diagnosed with MS
  • [20:05] Polarity dynamics and an in-depth discussion on masculine and feminine dynamics
  • [22:26] Vulnerability as a form of feminine energy (and the harm this can cause)
  • [29:28] Feminism, compassion and empathy for men, and the dangers of some of the feminine/masculine coaching in our space
  • [38:16] Examining the energy behind your messaging 
  • [44:55] Tapping into creativity and how Charlotte started painting again after not being able to walk


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Oct 31, 2022

How can we let sacredness be the medicine for so much that ails us? In life, love, work, and all our relationships?

Today we’re diving into sacredness, relational healing, how both can really influence collective and systemic shifts in the world. 

Are your relationships deeply nourishing? Do they feel supportive and fulfilling? Or are you finding yourself drained from dealing with bad behavior, emotional immaturity, or unhealed trauma?

This week, I want to invite you into some deeper thinking & awareness around how you engage with people.

Personally, I’ve had to heal and grow a lot in this area with - 

  • Creating better boundaries that honor my relationships and myself
  • Building better communication with the people in my life
  • Lowering my tolerance for bad behavior while ALSO giving people the opportunity to repair poor behaviors
  • And, allowing myself to bring sacredness into everything I do

Ultimately, creating reciprocal, nourishing & supportive relationships is about honoring the inherent sacredness in all of us and honoring the different ways we each love. 

Join me for this deeper conversation around how you’re engaging with the people in your life and the healing that can be found in honoring and embracing the sacredness of ALL life. 

In episode 405 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [9:33] Healing from codependency & unearned benefits of the doubt
  • [11:25] Saying NO to bad behavior, emotional immaturity & unhealed trauma responses 
  • [14:08] Discerning what is and is NOT your business and eliminating distractions so you can expand your capacity for the things that are in alignment for YOU
  • [17:17] How to tell if your exchanges are generative, regenerative, or reciprocal - and why this matters
  • [20:25] Why you should give the MOST of your energy to THIS kind of relationship
  • [27:50] Embracing sacredness as a way of healing ANYTHING - individually, collectively, or systematically

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Resources mentioned by Elizabeth in the episode:

Oct 24, 2022

We can feel the divide in the world - on political ideology, public health, and the environment (to name a few!)

Is there a way to learn to live together, to resolve the conflict, and to restore relationships?

My friend Kerra Bolton is an outstanding journalist & author who has worked as a freelance writer for CNN and is a winner of the NY Times Award for Outstanding Journalism.

This week, I invited Kerra to discuss the impact of building community through restorative practices.

We are diving into her take on how to build restorative communities and her journey to writing her book. She shares some tips on how to work through violations or ruptures within a community, some powerful learning and what the process of a true restorative practice looks like. 

You don’t want to miss her refreshing take on the way politics is evolving and playing a role in our culture, and how we can minimize divides through these restorative practices. 

You know how much we love talking about growth and change on this show - come learn something with me, she has a lot to share!


Listen to episode 404 now!

In episode 404 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • (3:00) Kerra’s origin story, and how she identifies with Christianity
  • (13:25) Meeting a crazy man who ended up being a visionary (and what he taught her about societal needs)
  • (23:15) What a true restorative practice can look like (some scripted questions to shape the conversation and why there is a need for a facilitator)
  • (35:20) Untangling vaccines, mask mandates, and the political tug-of-war over public health issues 
  • (45:14) Politics in relationships - values vs. solutions


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Oct 17, 2022

When it comes to the philosophy of non-monogamy, there can be a lot of questions: Is it polyamory or an open relationship? Do we have to tell each other about other partners? Is it a relationship or just sex? Today’s episode is all about intimacy and non-monogamy and how people connect and relate to each other in that world, with lots of nuggets that apply to ALL relationships, whether monogamous or not. In today’s episode, I’m breaking this all down with Marcia Baczynski (aka Marcia B.) 

Do you geek out on consent, communication, intimacy, how we relate to each other and connect, and why we engage in romantic and sexual relationships in the first place? You’re not going to want to miss this episode!

In episode 403 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • (5:48) The difference between non-monogamy and polyamory
  • (10:28) Important and relevant things to communicate with your partner(s), particularly when you’re in a non-monogamous relationship (and why the complexity of communication grows exponentially—not linearly—in non-monogamous relationships)
  • (12:50) Ethical non-monogamy vs consensual non-monogamy: what’s the difference and do they mean the same thing? (And Marcia’s preferred term here) How do you determine if one non-monogamous relationship is ethical or not?
  • (32:17) Our best tips for living the lifestyle that works the best for YOU (and one really important thing to keep in mind when navigating non-monogamy)
  • (44:08) TWO things that are so important to pay attention to when it comes to your relationships and what to hone in on so that you can get your desires met more often

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Books mentioned in this episode:

  • The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships, & Other Adventures by Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton
  • Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy by Jessica Fern
  • Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships by Tristan Taormino
  • Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century by Barbara Carrellas
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know by Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams, and Rachel Carlton Abrams
  • Cuffed, Tied, and Satisfied: A Kinky Guide to the Best Sex Ever by JAIYA
  • The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin D.C.
Oct 10, 2022

Hustle culture has too many people completely burnt out these days. Thinking that you have to constantly be “on” is doing a disservice to your mental, emotional, and physical health—and to your business. 

There’s a difference between being “on” all the time and being ready. There’s a difference between hustling and being intentional.

When you are ready, when you stay ready, you can own your skills and step into your expertise.

In this episode, I’m chatting with my friend Trudi Lebrón about all things business. We’re deep diving into how to find joy in just being, the power of coaching and embodiment work, and the nuances of capitalism. It’s a conversation about making a true and lasting impact.

We also talk about her new book, The Antiracist Business Book, and why she chose to focus on business and the coaching industry. She also shares about her new professional development program, The Art and Science of Coaching.

The topics in this episode couldn’t be more relevant to where we are as a society, and I hope you’ll be able to apply some of these concepts and ideas to the growth of your own life and business (if you have one!).

In episode 402 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [03:15] How Trudi is finding the joy in just being and spending time with friends and family
  • [06:36] How two people’s interpretations of encouragement can be very different
  • [11:22] Trudi’s experience meeting Fatman Scoop and getting valuable business and sales advice
  • [20:25] Being ready for opportunities that come your way
  • [23:54] Why Trudi chose business and the coaching industry for the angle of her antiracist book
  • [33:38] How the recent Patagonia sale embodies the concept of Just Commerce
  • [40:50] Trudi’s belief in the power of coaching and business vs. coaching skills
  • [46:03] Why Trudi created her new professional development program, The Art and Science of Coaching
  • [50:33] How embodiment work can you help you both professionally and personally

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Oct 3, 2022

Christopher Rivas is a multi-talented, multi-dimensional writer, speaker, and storyteller to name just a few of his skills. He’s the author of the soon-to-be published book Brown Enough and creator of the Rubirosa podcast. His work encourages us to ask deeper questions about our culture, our histories, and our relationships to the people in our lives.

Today, he’s the first man I’ve had on the Embodied podcast in two years. Christopher and I talk about how we both relate to our Brownness, how whiteness and capitalism have, intentionally or not, separated us from aspects of our cultural heritage, and how storytelling can connect us with pieces of our history we feel removed from.

Christopher shares story after story with us in this episode, from humorous anecdotes about a ridiculously placed shower to heartfelt recollections of how his work allowed his father to reflect on his own assimilation into white culture. 

I hope this episode encourages you to keep digging into your own healing and your ancestral history, to keep reaching out with empathy and understanding to those around you, and to learn to build your own stories that can connect you with your own individual culture and your inner self.

In episode 401 we discuss:

[01:19] An introduction to Christopher and his work on storytelling

[08:43] How Christopher’s dating life helped him to reevaluate what he’d been taught about whiteness, beauty, and culture

[13:02] Defining “body of culture” and how it affects Brown people

[17:31] How Christopher’s father and his assimilation into white culture influenced Christopher’s work

[21:22] The healing effect that Christopher’s storytelling work has had on his father and his ability to connect to his original culture

[27:38] The craziest story about LA and inappropriately installed showers from Christopher’s book 

[33:32] How learning a new language can be a deeply humbling and empathic experience

[40:41] How Christopher views climate and infrastructure reform as an opportunity to express empathy and care for our neighbors

[44:15] How Christopher discovered the real James Bond (he was Dominican) and why he became so determined to share this story with the rest of world

[51:39] Why stories like Rubirosa offer everyone, regardless of their culture, an opportunity to challenge their heroes and ask better questions about their history

[59:33] Why accepting your multidimensionality and rejecting the “boxes” society places us in can open you up to new realities

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